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Issues and Crisis Management

Businesses spend years and invest millions in building credible and trustworthy reputations, capturing market share and achieving long-term growth. Yet a badly managed crisis can quickly undo all that effort, leaving investor, customer and employee confidence in tatters. Even for the most reputed companies, not being ready is simply not an option.

Effective communication is crucial when defending an organization under attack. It needs to be carried out swiftly, with substance and with relevance to each audience. And it must be managed across geographies, business groups and media.

Our team of issues and crisis management consultants helps to build the defenses needed to withstand attacks, manages crises when they happen and advises on strategies to rehabilitate reputations. We have experience across a range of sectors and issues on how to effectively communicate key messages during a crisis and helping them to achieve the best possible outcome.

Media Skills Training Course Programme

Different media have different demands and, like our tailored training, each day is structured to reflect the specific circumstances, needs and abilities of the participants attending on the day. The course content may include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant to the delegates on the day.

How the Media Works

Just knowing how the media works and what they are trying to achieve is a tremendous first step towards being able to carry off these tricky situations and come out looking good.

If you feel confident that you can handle any attempt, by whichever media, to wrong foot you, you are more likely to project the right image for you and your organization and get the maximum impact from any media coverage.

This media training Programme looks at how to master the art of dealing with the media.

We can tackle anything from a full scale Paxman interview right down to the local newspaper.

Practicing your Media Skills

You'll practice with an experienced broadcaster and interviewer, dealing head on with the sorts of things that the media is likely to throw at you. You'll learn the golden rules for interview that are taken from the techniques the interviewers themselves use on a daily basis.

The people we remember most from media interviews tend to be those who can express knowledge of their subject clearly and succinctly with passion and conviction.

The opportunity to appear on television or radio will not happen very often, so let us help you with a Media Skills Training Programme that will enable you to make the most of the media exposure and, above all, to enjoy it.

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